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30 Jun 2014

IIAS Photo Contest | Picturing Asia


IIAS - the International Institute for Asian Studies in Leiden in the Netherlands - is running an international photo contest in 2014, on the theme of 'Picturing Asia'. Entries are invited in six categories focused on the culture, heritage and everyday realities of life in Asia.

In celebrating the IIAS 20th anniversary, readers and friends of IIAS are invited to contribute to its growing image collection, used for its newsletter, by taking part in the IIAS Photo Contest.

The final deadline for entries is 30 June 2014

The categories for entries are:

  • Asian Cities

  • Global Asia

  • Asian Heritages

  • Asia's Pop Culture

  • Everyday Life in Asia

  • Asia by Mobile

This photo contest, on the special occasion of 20 years IIAS, offers you the chance to have your photo published in The Newsletter. We would like to give you the opportunity to tell a visual story, to explore photography’s capacity for communication, to capture the unexpected, and to share with us the world you live in.

The photos you send will automatically become eligible for publication in The IIAS Newsletter (always accredited to you), and to further reward you we are giving away a number of prizes, which will be in the form of gift vouchers from various online shops (selected according to where the winner lives), with which you could acquire, for example, new photographic equipment (cameras, lenses, etc.) or literature.