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15 Jul 2013

The Idea of Creative City | call for conference papers



The Department of European Studies at the Cracow University of Economics and the Jagiellonian Club are pleased to announce the international conference: The Idea of Creative City and the Urban Policy Debate to be held in October 17-18, 2013 in Cracow, Poland.

We invite potential participants from across disciplines as well as practitioners to submit ABSTRACTS of no more than 300 words by 15 JULY 2013 drawing upon, but not limited to, such issues as:

1. The concept of “creative cities” as a development strategy

What does creativity mean in the city context? what exactly constitutes creative cities? How can cities be more creative? How can creative resources be used in the city development? What is the role of culture in the city economic development? Why some cities attract new inhabitants, organization, companies and other not? What is cultural planning? What are the weak aspects of the concept of creative cities? To what extent can this concept be applied in practice?

2. Creative class as a driving force of the post-industrial economy

Who the members of a “creative class” actually are? Does this concept encompass other spheres than the culture sector? In what ways can creative class contribute to urban development? How shall urban policy deal with the “creative class”?

3. Strategies of creativity around the world

What are the successful examples of creative cities around the world? Can their models be applied in other contexts? How people's creativity can be mobilized? What can bring creative people to the city and make them stay? How do policymakers conceptualize and adopt “creativity”? What kind of creative strategies contribute to urban development? In this session we are interested in case studies and comparative analysis from various parts of the world.

Please send abstracts to: creative_cities3.0@kj.org.pl

Abstracts with proposals should include the title, the author’s name, email address, and institutional affiliation.

Conference fee is 100 EUR, for Ph.D students fee is 50 EUR. The fee will cover catering during the conference and conference materials.

The accepted papers will be published online on the conference website. This will enable more fruitful discussions. After the conference selected papers will be published as an ebook.

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