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20 Aug 2016

Hong Kong | 1st ILLUMINASIA Mapping Festival - call for participants


The Illuminasia Mapping Festival is the first ever international video mapping festival in Asia Pacific, which is due to take place in Hong Kong in 2016. Call for expressions of interest from visual mapping artists globally - please note, the organisers do not specify a deadline or festival date!

The Festival is planned to comprise 3 days international video mapping artists competitions, technical workshops and artistic exhibitions which are open to the public, as well as installations and exhibitions spanning 3 weeks.

The events aim to create a unique creative platform for tourists, local public, creative industries and institutions alike and is likely to become a major annual event for the region. Iconic buildings of Hong Kong will become the canvas for visual creations by the best international artists.

In addition to providing stunning audio visual entertainment for all ages on a scale never before seen in Hong Kong, and highlighting iconic buildings in the city, Illuminasia aims to inspire creativity by bringing together the best of international talents in video mapping artistry. Events will include youth workshops and hands-on experiences for participants.


Illuminasia organisers are now accepting applications from visual mapping artists globally. If your submission is accepted, you will receive a complimentary flight and accommodations in Hong Kong to perform your work on one of the city's iconic facades, with a chance of winning the grand prize of HK$60,000.

Hong Kong is known as the city of lights, with its iconic neon signage blinking throughout the night and day, against the backdrop of LED skyscrapers that form mountains in their own right. There is no better place to have the inaugural Illuminasia Mapping Festival, which challenges the best digital visual artists to create even more dazzling spectacles, if only temporarily.

PLEASE NOTE: there are no festival dates or deadline for entries on the website - you should contact the organisers for further details.  The deadline posted on ASEF culture360 is ONLY INDICATIVE and MUST be confirmed with the organisers.