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15 Sep 2012

Germany | 2013 residencies at Kunstlerdorf Schoppingen


Call for applications "artist in residence"- stay with stipend for artists, new media artists, writers and composers in the Foundation Künstlerdorf Schöppingen NRW in Germany starts now...

You can apply for a stay in 2013.

Last date for entries is September 15th 2012

Stipends are of 1025 Euro per month and the fee for the studio or room (about 85,- to 165,- Euro) has to be covered out of this. These stays to spend in the Foundation Künstlerdorf in Germany. The standard period of stay is 2 or 3 months. Applications of duos are possible too but only a single stipend will be awarded.

Artists working in one of three fields are invited to apply:

A. Art, new media, mixed media, interdisciplinary projects

B. Literature, novel, storytelling, poetry, drama, radio plays, screen script, internetliterature etc.

C. (experimental) Composition

See website for how to submit your application.

Guiding principle of Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen Foundation is to support writers, visual artists, artists in the field of new media and and interdisciplinary projects as well as composers by the way of artist in residence stays in the Foundation Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen (NRW, Germany) accomodation.

These stays go along with monthly stipends and can last as long as four months in total. The fellows can work highly focused during this period of time in the Foundation Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen (NRW, Germany) studios, apartments and flats on their respective art, book or score projects. With in total 14 fellows being on site at the same time and coming from different sectors of work a comprehensive and inspired exchange of ideas takes place. Application for the artist in residence stays is internationally open. There is no limit of age existent.