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01 Nov 2018

François Schneider Foundation - Contemporary Talents competition 2018


François Schneider Foundation has a call for the 8th edition of the "Contemporary Talents" competition. The foundation supports contemporary art based around the theme of water. Visual artists are invited to submit proposals on the theme of water - selected works are acquired by the foundation with project and installation budgets awarded.

The competition is open to artists presenting a work in one of the following disciplines: painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, video or any other domain of the plastic and visual arts. The François Schneider Foundation is particularly keen to encourage the submission of sculptural or installation works or projects.

Essential to all life and to the development of humanity, water is multi-faceted and yet singular. Symbolically, it is one of the four natural elements that make up the universe, alongside air, fire and earth. It lies at the heart of myths and religions, functioning as both sign and symbol, and constantly changing form. Water is certainly a natural resource, but for a large part of the population, it is also the rarest commodity.

Rules of the 2018 competition “Contemporary Talents – 8th edition”

Through the “Contemporary Talents” competition he established in 2011, François Schneider provides support to artists by acquiring their works and presenting them at the Foundation’s Contemporary Art Centre via an exhibition and the publication of a catalogue.

Each year, over 1,000 artists from around a hundred different countries submit applications. After around forty finalists have been selected by four Expert Committees, the International Grand Jury choses a maximum of seven prize-winners.

The annual budget amounts to 300,000 euros. Each prize-winner receives 20,000 euros for the acquisition of their work. A sum of 160,000 euros is also set aside for the creation of works submitted in project form, as support for their production.

The “Contemporary Talents” competition leads to a collective exhibition at the Foundation’s Contemporary Art Centre and a bilingual publication presenting the work of the prize-winners.

To date, 47 artists have been selected.

Please download regulations for further information on how to apply

Candidatures must be submitted in French for French-speaking candidates, and in English for other candidates.

Deadline for entries: 1 November 2018