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15 Nov 2022

Better Factory: Collaboration between artists, manufacturing companies and technology suppliers

Better Factory is calling for expressions of interest from artists, manufacturing companies and technology suppliers based in Europe for a Knowledge Transfer Experiments (KTEs) pilot project, which aims to diversify manufacturing companies’ product portfolio. 

Better Factory will support pilot projects by teams composed of one manufacturing company, one artist, and one company supplying technology per open call. A total of two open calls will be launched to select the best 16 pilot projects. 

The goal of the KTEs is to lead a diversification of the Manufacturing companies’ product portfolio with an aim to enhance their business models with customised and individualised products and new services around the products. KTEs will address the following sectors: 

  • Plastic and rubber
  • Furniture and wood
  • Food and agriculture
  • Construction
  • Metal and machinery
  • Textile and leather

Who is it for?

Up to 200,000 EUR (total lump sum) will be distributed to each one of the selected KTEs, based upon the successful delivery of technical and business reports along with the 16-month experiment programme. KTEs applications will have to be submitted by consortia composed of: 

  • One manufacturing company of mid-cap (up to EUR 50,000) 
  • One technology supplier (up to EUR 100,000) 
  • One artist (up to EUR 50,000) 

They must be legally established in the Member States of the European Union, H2020 Associated Countries (such as Norway or Switzerland) or the United Kingdom.

What is it for?

Collaborations between manufacturing companies, artists, and technology suppliers can take on many forms and deliver a wide variety of outcomes. At a technical level, the focus will be to minimise the impact on production cost and to create more value by:

  • Reducing waste, energy and other production resources
  • Optimising factory logistics
  • Using robots to support workers
  • Production preplanning and simulation

Applicants must first submit their expression of interest, after which a matchmaking process will take place. 

Application guidelines 

Deadline: 15 November 2022