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30 Jan 2012

Centre Stage Korea Funding Program | call for promoters and presenters

Korea Arts Management Service’s Center Stage Korea Funding Program calls for FOCUS Project Proposals, inviting festivals, arts centres, networks and venues promoting Korean performing arts Apr-Dec 2012 to apply for grant support.

I. What is Center Stage Korea?

Center Stage Korea is the international market and audience development funding program of Korean contemporary performing arts. The Korea Arts Management Service, under the auspices of the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, has been operating the Center Stage Korea since 2007, with the aim that diverse performing arts of Korea become internationally acclaimed and that performing artists/companies enhance their competence.

In order to better present Korean performing arts on the international stage, the Korea Arts Management Service is calling for project proposals from international festivals, arts centers and networks whose project involves Korean contemporary performing arts.

II. General description

i. eligibility

The Korea Arts Management Service will consider project proposals submitted by the international festivals, arts centers and networks who will be implementing a project involving Korean performing groups/artists as part of their performance program. The eligible project might be 1) Touring of Korean performing artist(s)/company(ies) in at least two different venues, or 2) Programming of Korean performing artists/companies in one festival/venue.

ii. period

The project must occur between April 2012 and December 2012.

iii. grant conditions

▪ For the Korean performing artists/companies involved in the selected projects, KAMS funds the whole or part of the international flight and cargo. When the entire budget of transportation exceeds the grant amount, the international organizer and/or Korean performing group(s) take responsibility for any excess in budget. The grant will be allocated directly to the Korean performing artists/companies.

▪ After discussion with the organizer of the selected project, KAMS would allocate additional budget with regard to programs related to Korean artists/companies such as workshop, residency, conversation, community/artist exchange.

▪ The submitter of the project proposal - the organizer of the selected project, has the duty of reporting to the Korea Arts Management Service within one month after the implementation of the project.

iv. criteria

  1. Feasibility/effectiveness of the implementation of the project

  2. Effective project planning to raise awareness in regard to Korean artists/productions locally and internationally

  3. A clear commitment from international presenters: International organizer(s)’s commitment to Korean artists to strengthen their competence both through artistic development and through economic contribution with reasonable fee

  4. The impact of the project on developing future international opportunities for the artist/company and the importance of the project in enhancing the career of the artist/company

v. remark

▪ Projects with no official guarantee (performance fee) or receiving funds from other Korean government institutions including Arts Council Korea and Korea Foundation are ineligible to be the beneficiaries of a grant.

▪ For international performance/touring project, a Korean performing company can be funded one time within the same fiscal year, from Korea Arts Management Service’s grant programs/projects.

▪ The project is highly recommended to be associated with other diverse components, including workshops and other exchange activities with local artists/communities.

III. How to submit proposal

i. documents to submit

▪ Description of a proposed project for 2012 as a Word.doc file

* Refer to the page 4 in this document

▪ Statement about your interest and experience

▪ Budgetary plan which specifies your financial stability

▪ Additional documents or visual materials by which you could introduce your past project are optional submissions.

ii. closing date

The proposal is required to be submitted by e-mail through 30 January (Mon.) 2012.

IV. After your submission

KAMS announces the recipient projects in early February 2012 by posting on KAMS’ website and sending an e-mail with an official letter of confirmation to the selected.

KAMS and the organizer of the recipient projects will develop further discussion on mutual partnership.

V. Contact

Hyojin KUH, Jung-Eun SONG

Int’l Development Department, Korea Arts Management Service

Tel. +82 (0)2 708 2281~2

Fax.+82 (0)2 708 2243

E-mail. kams@gokams.or.kr

Download pdf. Center_Stage_Korea_Proposal(EN)