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01 Jul 2018

Belgium | FLACC 2019 residency call


FLACC Workplace for Visual Artists in Genk, Belgium has an open international call for visual artists for 3 month residencies in 2019.

The call is open for all visual artists. Due to the diversity of our workshops, the application is open for projects in various media and disciplines. Projects with interest in artistic labour, challenging the notion of a 'workplace' or with a focus on experiment are preferable. The work period is three-month full time or around 90 days, divided in several smaller work periods between February 2019 and December 2019. FLACC offers an accommodation, a workplace, covered travel expenses as well as a small production budget.

Every year, FLACC facilitates the realisation of 10 to 15 artists' projects in Genk, in tune with the contemporary context of art making. The process-based projects are developed independently of any need for presentation, and are in most cases aimed at the realization of new work. Core concepts here are equality, cooperation, and space for experimentation.

FLACC introduces renowned and promising foreign artists into the Belgian artistic landscape. But young talent and experienced Belgian artists are also supported, even across borders. Crucial elements in the FLACC workplace projects are: theoretical research, input from experts, practical feasibility, and an output in relation with the studio labour, for example by contributing to the art discourse, a publication or a presentation.

FLACC boasts professionally equipped workshops for metal- and woodworking, a digital studio, a kiln workshop for ceramics, small- format bronze and glass applications, and a multifunctional space. Moreover, the organization is aware of production facilities available externally and collaborates with workshops, schools and companies in the neighbourhood to give artists the best possible support.

Call for Applications

Who: visual artists working in a variety of media and disciplines are invited to submit project proposals along the lines set out below. 
Where: FLACC, Genk in Belgium 
When: Three month period or around 90 days divided over several periods between February 2019 and December 2019
Deadline: 1 July 2018

Application procedure

Please use our application form and excel sheet (fill in required budget) to apply. The application should include a well-defined project proposal, a thoroughly calculated budget, a preferable time frame and your résumé (text and images and/or video).

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