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28 Feb 2023

BELEM call for projects to translate or adapt songs

BELEM is inviting music publishers, songwriters and translators to apply to create translated or adapted versions of either new or existing songs. 

BELEM aims to build capacity for music publishers, songwriters, platforms and labels to make lyric translation accessible in European Union languages, and thereby democratise and monetise access to lyrics. 

Music publishers can submit works they would like to see translated, and European publishers and writers can also apply to become translators for the project. 

Each Publisher project should prepare their project with a total budget of up to 5,000 EUR, including:

  • Songwriter fees (this could be just the translating songwriter or a team consisting of the original writer and multiple translator songwriters)
  • Studio fees (this could be a full song writing camp scenario or just demo fees for new works created)
  • Travel and accommodation fees (for working meetings between songwriters or to attend the song writing camp
  • Per diems or meal expenses (for days working on the project)

Application guidelines

Deadline: 28 February 2023