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15 Aug 2014

Austria | residency for international arts critic


OPEN CALL FOR A RESIDENCY FOR AN INTERNATIONAL ARTS CRITIC at studio das weisse haus in Austria. Arts journalists, writers, critics with focus on contemporary visual or media arts invited to apply - 3 week residency November 2014 linking to Vienna contemporary art and photography events.

Application deadline: August 15, 2014 (per e-mail)

studio das weisse haus, in cooperation with EIKON - International Magazine for Photography and Media Art, is offering a residency for an arts journalist, critic or writer with a focal point in contemporary visual or media arts.

The residency will take place from November 10 until November 30, 2014.

About the Residency:

Since we consider arts journalism and criticism as one of the key features in the development of contemporary art, studio das weisse haus launches a new residency program for international arts journalists, critics and writers to support their activities. By means of this program, we aim to strengthen an international exchange of critical thoughts and experiences from diverse national and regional art scenes.

In cooperation with EIKON, we offer the Critic in Residence to publish an article on a subject connected to the resident`s stay in Vienna and his / her impressions from the local art environment. The character, topic and length of the article that will appear in one of the first issues of the EIKON magazine in 2015, will be discussed and defined in accordance with EIKON, studio das weisse haus and the Critic in Residence.

We offer to the Critic in Residence:

a cover of travel expenses: eur 200,- are assigned to residents coming from a country within Europe, eur 400,- are assigned to residents coming from a country outside of Europe
– a small financial reward for the published article (the amount will depend on the extent of the article)
– a private room in the studio building (with shared bathroom facilities partly located one floor above the private rooms and a shared kitchen). Please take into consideration, that it is not a classical apartment, but rather a living area in a complex of artistic working spaces.
– a working space
an annual subscription of EIKON magazine

Program includes: guided tours with the members of the local art community

Besides the opportunity of publishing an article in the EIKON magazine, we provide the Critic in Residence with an insight into the local institutional environment and we link him / her to the Viennese art scene. Three artists, curators or arts journalists will be invited to prepare one day guided tours through local galleries, artists studios, openings and other events and thus introduce the Critic in Residence to the local art community from particular perspectives.

The time-period of the residency has been chosen in respect to the cultural program of Vienna: in this time, “eyes on” (the Month of Photography Vienna), and the VIENNA ART WEEK 2014 are taking place.

Application deadline: August 15, 2014 (per e-mail)

Please take into consideration, that we favour candidates who haven`t spent a long-term stay in Vienna previously.