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06 Jan 2017

Asiadoc 2017 | training for SE Asian documentary producers - CALL


Asiadoc 2017 – Training for producers - will be held in Phnom Penh, Cambodia Feb/March 2017. Call for applications from SE Asian creative documentary producers.

The first two editions of Asiadoc have shown the lack of producers dedicated to creative documentary in Southeast Asia. Several filmmakers have had to create their own company to produce their films. But producing film definitely is a full-time job.
It actually is several jobs at once!
The artistic development of the project with the author, the management of the budget and the cash-flow crucial stake, the commercial and contractual competences of negotiating with broadcasters and distributors…
So many skills a producer has to develop definitely deserve a special training!

12 to 15 Southeast Asian film producers developing a creative documentary project will be hosted in an intensive four weeks training aiming at developing several skills:

  • to accompany the artistic development of the project with the author

  • to design a production strategy and prepare the dossier to apply to the funds

  • to deal with broadcasters, festivals and distributors

  • to convince potential partners to get involved in the production

  • to deal with a budget and its cash- flow

  • to promote the film

The course is designed for any film producer from Southeast Asia with the nationality of and residing in the ASEAN countries: Cambodia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam.

Qualification (diploma) is not an obligation but experience in film production is required. The participants should have a basic knowledge of what producing a documentary is and have some field experience in production. They must have a creative documentary project in development.

3 producers will be accepted without project as observers.

Good communication skills in English are required (oral and written).


CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - Deadline: January 6th

Please note (from the guidelines): the training will be confirmed once the finances will be secured, around December 24th. But because time will be too short between this date and the beginning of the training, please do prepare your application beforehand!

ASIADOC program funded by the French Ministry of Foreign affairs (audiovisual cooperation in ASEAN), the Goethe Institute in Thailand, the French Institutes in Cambodia and Thailand, the Cambodia Film Commission and the German-French Fund for Culture (Elysee treaty)