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15 Nov 2010

Art Proxime | Toulouse | Project Call

14th Edition of TRAVERSE VIDEO festival in Toulouse, France in March 2011 on theme of 'Art Proxime': call for Video Art, Experimental Cinema, Photography, Performance, Digital Writing.

Art proxime or the desire for reaction.

Reaction because the form persists counter to the pressure towards a single, homogenous point of view.

The 14th TRAVERSE VIDEO festival seeks to provoke questions on what can henceforth be called art, questions on the feasibility of thus designating a practice, a process, an object. Can we, should we demarcate zones of art and non-art? Can certain criteria and characteristics be recognised? If so, by whom and who is to make the decisions? Does it have, in fact, a future?

Proxime: because it is a prerequisite for living, beyond our biological needs. Proxime is not about proximity in the territorial sense for the word implies that it is created in the encounter between the creator and the receiver, between what is made or done in their presence but without being reserved to a particular group. Proxime: because not only the performance-related work but also the installation in situ, bound in a certain space, demand the term.

Download call for projects available in English, French, German, Spanish & Italian

Deadline for proposals: November 15 2010