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16 Dec 2012

ALICE Awards | open for entries


Founded in 2011, the Alice Awards - Artistic Landmarks in Contemporary Experience - is a unique peer-to-peer contemporary art award whereby members of the Global Board of Contemporary Art recognize excellence in various fields of art.

Reflecting the tremendous evolution of contemporary art, the Alice Awards extend the mission by honoring excellence in over 50+ categories and recognizing the work of artists, critics, curators, museums, public galleries, private galleries, biennials, and publishers who spread the ideas and forms of contemporary art in global society.

The Alice Awards honors the best in the following categories:

The inaugural call for entries for the 1st Annual Alice Awards received nearly 1,000 entries from over 30 countries.

Eligibility Period 2nd Alice Awards

Entries for the 2nd Alice Awards must have been created and/or published in a verifiable location during the eligibility period from September 1st, 2011 to November 20th, 2012. Entries do not, however, need to have been created during this period.

Submission Deadline 2nd Alice Awards

Online applications start March 16th, 2012. Early Entry Deadline (discounted entry fee) is October 28, 2012.
Exented Final Entry Deadline is December 16, 2012.

See website for details of entry fees

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