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06 Sep 2012

ZKB Patronage Prize goes to Amrita Arts dance production


The ZKB Patronage Prize and the  ZKB Acknowledgment Prize were awarded for the 17th time in Zurich. Winner of the ZKB Patronage Prize 2012 was Arco Renz & Amrita Performing Arts (Cambodia).

The ZKB Patronage Prize of  30 000 Swiss Francs goes to the Cambodian dance company Amrita Performing Arts for its production «Crack», which was created in collaboration with the Belgium-based choreographer Arco Renz.

The Jury commented: «Crack» addresses the living conditions of young people in contemporary Cambodia, which is affected by poverty and corruption as well as by progress and the spirit of optimism of a young, dynamic society. In the piece this is represented by a combative attitude of anger, yet neither in a representative nor narrative, but in a mere physical way. That is exactly the strength of this work.»

Winner of the ZKB Acknowledgment Prize 2012: Naoko Tanaka (Japan/Germany)
The ZKB Acknowledgment Prize of 5000 Swiss Francs goes to the Germany-based Japanese performance artist Naoko Tanaka for her Short Piece «Die Scheinwerferin». Naoko Tanako has created a «specific language and creative form of art to encounter visual art, installation and performance in a thoughtful context».

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