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18 Nov 2015

UNESCO Adopts New Global Recommendation on Museums and Collections

UNESCO Recommendation on Museums On Tuesday 17 November, the UNESCO General Conference, meeting in Paris, adopted the text of a new Recommendation on the Protection and Promotion of Museums and Collections, their Diversity and their Role in Society. By taking this step, UNESCO Member States have agreed on setting and implementing a set of global guidelines for the protection and promotion of museums and collections, which is to become the cornerstone of international museum policies. The adoption of this new Recommendation reflects the international community’s strong commitment to assisting museums in fulfilling their roles in contemporary society to promote sustainable development and intercultural dialogue. They are one of the most prominent institutions for safeguarding heritage in its all forms, thus contributing to many of UNESCO’s fundamental missions. The elaboration of the Recommendation originated from the desire to supplement and extend the application of standards and principles laid down in existing international instruments referring to the place of museums, and to their related roles and responsibilities. An issue that was increasingly called for, noting especially that the last international instrument wholly dedicated to museums dated to 1960. The process, initiated in 2011, has involved several preliminary reports and debates, and has been supported by the financial contribution from UNESCO Member States, namely Brazil, the Philippines, and the Czech Republic. As previously reported, an Expert Meeting was held at UNESCO Headquarters last May, attended by ASEMUS Chair Fionnuala Croke. It is also worth noting that the Zhi Zheng Art Museum in Shenzhen will partner with UNESCO to create a High-Level Forum on museums and to support the implementation and promotion of the Recommendation, as well as other museum-related activities. For additional information on the new Recommendation and the process leading to its adoption, please visit  
Picture above: ©S.Moutaque-Osséni/UNESCO