05 Feb 2016 - 26 Mar 2016

UK | Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme

ikuru Travelling to venues across the UK, the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2016, the largest and only programme focusing on Japanese cinema in the UK, returns in 2016 offering an enlightening and expansive introduction to Japanese cinema, exploring issues surrounding the ways people live, and the views towards life and death in Japan. Touring to 13 cities nationwide, the programme features films from a broad range of genres, including classics by Japanese legendary filmmakers, documentary, contemporary films and the latest anime blockbusters. Inspired by Akira Kurosawa's iconic 1952 film IKIRU ("To Live"), the Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2016 will provide an exciting collection of films looking at the way in which Japanese filmmakers have been observing and capturing people's lives, and how people across the ages persevere, negotiate and reconcile with the environment and situation they live in.

Programme runs 5 February to 26 March 2016 in:



 Film line-up:
The Cowards Who Looked to the Sky (ふがいない僕は空を見た) Yuki Tanada (2012), 140min A Farewell to Jinu (ジヌよさらば~かむろば村へ~) Suzuki Matsuo, (2015), 121min The Letter (手紙) Jiro Shono (2006), 121min Pecoross’ Mother and Her Days (ペコロスの母に会いに行く) Azuma Morisaki (2013), 113min Cheers From Heaven (天国からのエール) Makoto Kumazawa (2011), 114min Noriben - The Recipe for Fortune (のんちゃんのり弁) Akira Ogata (2009), 107min Uzumasa Limelight (太秦ライムライト) Ken Ochiai (2014), 103min I'll Give it My All...Tomorrow (僕はまだ本気だしてないだけ) Yuichi Fukuda (2013), 105min Being Good (きみはいい子)Mipo O (2015), 121min Tale of a Butcher Shop (ある精肉店のはなし) Aya Hanabusa (2013), 109min A Japanese Tragedy (日本の悲劇�) Keisuke Kinoshita (1953), 144min The Elegant life of Mr Everyman (江分利満氏の優雅な生活) Kihachi Okamoto(1963), 102min Anthem of the Heart (心がさけびたがってるんだ。) Tatsuyuki Nagai (2015), 119min Miss Hokusai (百日紅~Miss Hokusai~) Keiichi Hara (2015), 93min

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