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11 Jul 2011

Thailand's first 'PM's Creative Awards' announced

[caption id="attachment_12042" align="aligncenter" width="600" caption="A scene from Jai Yak, performed by the 8x8 and Babymimes theatre companies"][/caption]

First Creative Awards for outstanding producers or creators announced in Thailand, in support of creative economy initiatives.

Creative economy has become a buzz word in our globalised world. Thailand has expressed its will to join the bandwagon, even Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva recently claimed that Thailand is one of the top 20 countries able to lead in this area. To fully realise this potential, in April the PM personally gave out "PM's Creative Awards" to four outstanding producers or creators. The first of their kind, these awards were instituted by the Ministry of Commerce's Intellectual Property Department.

Siam Niramit, run by Ratchada Niramit, won the highest Fua Haripitak Award in the field of visual and performing arts. Staging a magnificent large-scale stage performance in Bangkok, Siam Niramit has wowed audiences with a storyline woven from Thailand's diverse history, culture and traditions. It lays down a marker for assessing Thailand's creative economy, but we can do more by networking a wider scope of our creative economies to the Asia-Pacific region.

Several other performing arts companies were in the running for the Creative Economy Award. They could help to showcase Thailand's creativity via cultural exchanges at small and large festivals in Asia and around the world. Non-for-profit performing arts companies have a place in the bottom line world, and can help Thailand showcase its creativity abroad in ways to develop economically powerful exchanges.

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