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02 Sep 2011 - 08 Apr 2012

Sufism - The Mystical Path of Islam

[caption id="attachment_1716" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="“A Gathering of Sufis on a Terrace”, Isfahan, Iran, 1584-85"][/caption] In Copenhagen till 8 April 2012, visitors to The David Collection will be able to see a special exhibition on Sufism's impact on the art of the Islamic world.  Sufism which is also known as Islamic mysticism, focuses solely on man's personal relationship with the Divine. The key concepts in Sufism includes spirituality, devotion and love. The exhibition features fine miniature paintings from Iran and India, poems and calligraphic works, exquisite decorative art from the 13th to the 20th century, and the Sufis’ personal possessions, such as prayer beads, begging bowls, staves, writing implements, and spikes for piercing the skin.  Check out more artefacts from this exhibition on-line :