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08 Oct 2010 - 31 Oct 2010

Shanghai-Hamburg (urban public) Space

Oct 8-31: Shanghai-Hamburg (urban public) Space [SHupS] - an exhibition forum NOTICE: this exhibition has been postponed.  For further information please contact the organisers. The exhibition forum "Shanghai-Hamburg (urban public) Space" addresses the issue of city development and public space in Hamburg and Shanghai presenting new artistic strategies such as "New Genre Public Art" or "Art in the Public Interest”. The artists and groups involved in the exhibition forum live and work in Hamburg and Shanghai and have been dealing with urban and public space in a performative or interventionist way. The public is understood as a sphere, where conflicts should not be harmonized but visualized to clarify where urban desires are only an outcome of image production or truly refer to better life. The presented artistic practices transcend the common understanding of art as representation to an understanding of art as a cultural investigation and intervention... > read more: Participating Artists and Groups: LIGNA, 金锋 (Jin Feng), Nana Petzet, 草台班 (Grass Stage), Jens Röhm, 许志锋 (Xu Zhifeng aka Shaw), Komm in die Gänge, 靳山 (Jin Shan), THE THING Hamburg, 莫干山路120再创造! (M120 re-used), 刘凡 (Liu Fan), Anke Haarmann, HMJokinen, 吴梦 (Wu Meng), 原弓 (Yuan Gong) "Shanghai-Hamburg (urban public) Space" is curated by the artist and philosopher Dr. Anke Haarmann on behalf of the Ministry of Culture Hamburg represented by Julia Dautel and in cooperation with Julia Berg, Anne Rottig, Rebecca Catching (OV Gallery) and the Goethe- Institut in Shanghai.