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14 Jul 2022 - 17 Jul 2022

Science Gallery Network: 2022 online Youth Symposium

The Science Gallery is holding the free, online Youth Symposium, their annual gathering of advisors, mediators, staff and core audiences, from 14–17 July 2022. 

With the theme “HOT AND BOTHERED,” the event features workshops, performances, and discussions led by young people and grounded in intersectionality, joy and hope. Together, these communities create the blueprint for the civic role of Science Gallery, giving meaning to the exhibitions and programmes.

The eight galleries of the Science Gallery Network are committed to bringing science, art, technology and design together to deliver educational and cultural experiences for young people. The network includes: 

  • Science Gallery Melbourne 
  • Science Gallery Rotterdam 
  • Science Gallery Bengaluru 
  • Science Gallery London 
  • Science Gallery Dublin

Science Gallery created an open call for proposals for sessions to contribute to the event, focusing on contributions from young people. There will be scientists, students, activists, environmental educators, designers, artists, and more. Sessions at HOT AND BOTHERED include:

  • An interactive film screening and discuss in real-time with fellow change-makers about the climate emergency
  • Climate data visualisations to share stories about climate solutions using the power of visual storytelling
  • The redesign of local neighbourhoods in a physical scavenger hunt and share the findings with a global community
  • A giant bacterium in the digital space to discover the impact of climate change through the evolution of microorganisms
  • A live stream with the creators and players of a board game exploring young people's current and near-future aspirations 
  • An interactive online performance to co-create backup plans for survival, based on the prediction that Mumbai will be underwater by 2050

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