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19 Jan 2012

Rotterdam Lab welcomes 78 young film producers

The International Film Festival Rotterdam welcomes 78 young film producers taking part in the 12th edition of the Rotterdam Lab. The participants of CineMart’s successful event for emerging producers have been nominated by the twenty-eight Rotterdam Lab partner organisations. Rotterdam Lab, part of CineMart, takes place January 28 – February 1.
For its 12th edition, Rotterdam Lab also welcomes eight new partner organisations: Catalan Films & TV (Spain), Cinergia (Costa Rica), Doha Film Institute (Qatar), Film I Vast (Sweden), The Finnish Film Foundation (Finland), Meetings on the Bridge/Istanbul Film Festival (Turkey), Skillset (United Kingdom), and Sundance Institute (USA).
Rotterdam Lab, organised by CineMart’s Jacobine van der Vloed and Nienke Poelsma, takes place in festival venue De Unie (a few steps from CineMart location De Doelen).

The participants of the Rotterdam Lab are emerging producers, who are ‘nominated’ by the international training bodies and funding agencies with which CineMart has partnerships. Traditionally, panel discussions are organised on topics such as development, financing, post-production, (digital) distribution, VOD, and sales. This edition, the Rotterdam Lab coaching session on pitching film projects will be given by Ido Abram of EYE Film Institute Netherlands and representatives from the Binger Filmlab.

The Rotterdam Lab meetings take place in an informal setting and are organized to illustrate the process by which a project in need of financing is completed and brought to its audience. In these panels, industry experts give the producers tools on how to present their project and how to build up an international network. This edition, themes will be ‘Crowd funding’ (speaker: Elisabeth Holm, Kickstarter, USA), ‘Development and the role of the creative producer’ (speaker: Katriel Schory, Israel Film Fund), ‘Digital Distribution and VOD’ (speakers: Pierre Alexandre Labelle, Under The Milky Way, France and Jamie King, VODO, UK ) and ‘Post-production management’ (speakers: Diana Elbaum, EP2C Training, Belgium and Ozcar Ramirez, Arte Mécanica, Mexico).

Complimentary to the panels, participants take part in ‘speed-dating’ sessions, during which they have time to meet personally with industry delegates and receive advice on their own projects. The Rotterdam Lab allows these producers to present their companies and projects, test the grounds, receive feedback on how to proceed and expand their network in an effective way. The Rotterdam Lab fits very well in Rotterdam’s spirit of nurturing emerging talent. Moreover, the Rotterdam Lab has developed into a valuable tool to strengthen CineMart's international network of independent producers.

Over the past years, the Rotterdam Lab has expanded steadily. The Lab has already resulted in many producers returning to CineMart, and films by producers who have attended the Lab have been screened in the official Festival Programme. By bringing together a mix of producers from around Europe and the rest of the world, the Rotterdam Lab has also generated many alluring international co-productions.

In addition to the organized Rotterdam Lab programme, it is important that the producers take the chance to participate in all other CineMart events, such as networking breakfasts, lunches, cocktails and other panels. They are encouraged to take advantage of their time in Rotterdam as much as possible by strengthening their network.

Rotterdam Lab partner organisations:
ACE/ Ateliers du Cinema Europeen
Catalan Films & TV
Centre for the Moving Image/Creative Scotland
Doha Film Institute
Durban FilmMart/ Durban Film Office
Eruopean Audiovisual Entrepreneurs (EAVE)
Film I Vast
Film –und Medienstiftung NRW
The Finnish Film Foundation
Flanders Image / VAF, Belgium
Fundación TyPA (MEDIA Mundus)
Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP)
Indigenous Branch – Screen Australia
Irish Film Board
Israel Film Fund
Korean Film Council (KOFIC)
Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Germany
Meetings on the Bridge/Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey
National Film Development Corporation India
New Zealand Film Commission
Rotterdam Media Fund, the Netherlands
Screen Australia
Rio de Janeiro State Secretary of Culture, Brazil
Skillset, United Kingdom
Sundance Institute, USA
Telefilm Canada
Wallonie Bruxelles Image

Rotterdam Lab Participants 2012

1. Barry, Conor SP Films Ireland ACE / Ateliers du Cinéma Européen
2. Beinemeier, Dorothe Hamster Film Germany ACE / Ateliers du Cinéma Européen
3. Comellas, Jordi Alicorn Films Spain Catalan Films & TV
4. Perales, Raül Alta Realitat Spain Catalan Films & TV
5. Crook, Katie Blue Iris Films United Kingdom Centre for the moving Image/ Creative Scotland
6. Odell, Anna DigiCult Ltd. United Kingdom Centre for the moving Image/ Creative Scotland
7. Stewart, Lynsey Independent Producer United Kingdom Centre for the moving Image/ Creative Scotland
8. Calviño Claudia Producciones de la 5ta Avenida Costa Rica Cinergia
9. Esquivel Jiménez, Marcela LaFeria Producciones Costa Rica Cinergia
10. Omar, Mahmoud MamoVibe Films Egypt Doha Film Institute
11. Saifan, Lara Abou Independent Producer Lebanon Doha Film Institute
12. Karekezi, Joel Karekezi Productions Rwanda Durban FilmMart
13. Mavundla, Noxy Bancamile Productions South-Africa Durban FilmMart
14. Taylor, James Switch Media South-Africa Durban FilmMart
15. Wlodarski, Mariusz Lava Films sp. z o.o. Poland EAVE
16. Kane, Rachael O' Titled Pictures Ireland EAVE
17. Kjellson, Marie Plattform Producktion Sweden Film I Vast
18. Wheelan, Sean Filmgate Sweden Film I Vast
19. Brauer, Andreas HUPE Film- und Fernsehproduktion Germany Film –und Medienstiftung NRW
20. Katzenstein, Jonas Augenschein Filmproduktion Germany Film –und Medienstiftung NRW
21. Lwoff, Mark Oy Bufo Ab Finland The Finnish Film Foundation
22. Virtanen, Minna Vertigo Production Finland The Finnish Film Foundation
23. Debrock, Jules Pain Perdu vzw Belgium Flanders Image/VAF
24. Benitez, Frank Planeador Colombia Fundación TyPA – Media Mundus
25. Guerra, Rene Preta Portê Filmes e Produções CulturaisBrazil Fundación TyPA – Media Mundus
26. Guerrero, Felipe mutokino Argentina Fundación TyPA – Media Mundus
27. Mondaca, Diego Manosudaca videofilms Bolivia Fundación TyPA – Media Mundus
28. Luque, Mario Independent Producer Argentina Fundación TyPA – Media Mundus
29. Zuber, Fernando El Campo Cine Argentina Fundación TyPA – Media Mundus
30. Parker, Matt The Group Entertainment USA Independent Filmmaker Project
31. Romanski, Adele Adele Romanski/Roman Spring Pictures USA Independent Filmmaker Project
32. Martin, Kelrick Spearpoint Productions Australia Indigenous Branch – Screen Australia
33. Sherriff, Kyas Screen Australia – Indigenous Branch Australia Indigenous Branch - Screen Australia
34. Keville, John Rank Outsider Productions Ireland Irish Film Board
35. Moore, Gary Red Rage Films Ireland Irish Film Board
36. Ginat, Natalie bdalak Productions Israel Israel Film Fund
37. Mansuri, Eitan Independent Producer Israel Israel Film Fund
38. HAN Sunhee BOL Pictures South Korea KOFIC
39. Kim, Dave rainbow factory South Korea KOFIC
40. LEE Young-mi Film Front South Korea KOFIC
41. Ma, Dahci Real Black Chicken Film South Korea KOFIC
42. Ang, Alemberg Vim Yapan/Alemberg Chua Productions Phillipines MEDIA Mundus
43. Bong, Margaret Joonloo Studio Sdn Bhd Malaysia MEDIA Mundus
44. Lee, Melissa Bago Pictures Hong Kong MEDIA Mundus
45. TAY Bee Pin Wormwood Films Singapore MEDIA Mundus
46. Yamamoto, Hyoe Vesuvius LLC Japan MEDIA Mundus
47. Bondy, Sol One Two Films Germany Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
48. Krüger, Jan Port-au-Prince Film & Kulturproduktion GmbHGermany Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
49. Nasirli, Serhan MinusGreen Productions Turkey Meetings on the Bridge/Istanbul Film Festival
50. Kumar, Haobam Pubar Oli Pictures India National Film Development Corporation India
51. Godbole, Suhrud Indian Magic Eye Motion Pictures Pvt. LtdIndia National Film Development Corporation India
52. Nath, Khanjan Kishore Ramdhenu Films India National Film Development Corporation India
53. Singh, Manjeet Cinemanjeet Creations India National Film Development Corporation India
54. Bazuin, Jasper Alphabet Pictures Netherlands Netherlands Film Fund
55. Castillo, Ariel Amazing Film Company Netherlands Netherlands Film Fund
56. Lent, van Aemilia LEV Pictures Netherlands Netherlands Film Fund
57. DiFiore, Liz Godzone Pictures Ltd. New Zealand New Zealand Film Commission
58. Macey, Jeremy Godwit Films New Zealand New Zealand Film Commission
59. White, David White Balance Pictures New Zealand New Zealand Film Commission
60. Jimeno, Ramon Jimeno Acevedo & Asociados Colombia PROIMÁGENES COLOMBIA
61. Triana, Verónica Dramax Colombia PROIMÁGENES COLOMBIA
62. De Vore, Brian De Productie The Netherlands Rotterdam Media Fonds
63. Groenewegen, Sabine Independent Producer The Netherlands Rotterdam Media Fonds
64. Kearney, Liz 8th in Line Australia Screen Australia
65. Micsko, Linda Room Four Films Pty Ltd Australia Screen Australia
66. Norfor, Lyn Emerald Productions Australia Screen Australia
67. Morais de, Ana Alice 3moinhos Produções Brazil Secretaria de Estado de Cultura do Rio de Janeiro
68. Câmara, Gisela El Desierto Filmes Brazil Secretaria de Estado de Cultura do Rio de Janeiro
69. Brazzini, Valentina The Bureau Film Company United Kingdom Skillset
70. Chidlow, David Campfire Stories United Kingdom Skillset
71. Griffin, Anna Wellington Films United Kingdom Skillset
72. Johnston, James M. Sailor Bear Films USA Sundance Insitute
73. Leavitt, Lacey Leaky Pictures USA Sundance Insitute
74. Almon, Marc Story Engine Pictures Canada Telefilm Canada
75. Chagnon, Catherine Microclimat Films Canada Telefilm Canada
76. James, Justin Brainstorm Productions Inc Canada Telefilm Canada
77. Sharma, Anita K. Studio Entertainment Inc Canada Telefilm Canda
78. Christiaens, Xavier Ostrov Belgium Wallonie Bruxelles Images

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