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18 Jul 2014 - 20 Jul 2014

Portugal | Invisible Places Sounding Cities symposium | call for submissions

acousticecology Invisible Places Sounding Cities - international symposium on Sound, Urbanism and Sense of Place | in Viseu, Portugal 18-20 July | CALL for SUBMISSIONS is open till March 31st for papers/presentations (deadline extended) and also till March 31st for artists audio works

Papers [deadline for submissions extended to March 31st]

Researchers are invited to submit theoretical works on (but not limited to) the following topics:
  • Sound, place and identity
  • Urban planning and architecture
  • Policies for noise control
  • Urban soundscapes
  • Sound and sense of place
  • The study of soundscapes as social and political intervention
  • Sound communities
  • The creation of positive soundscapes
  • Sound art as public art
DEADLINE: 31 March: Abstracts Submission (up to 500 words)

Audio Works

We invite artists to show sound pieces approaching the subject of “Sound and Sense of Place”. We are interested in artistic works that raise awareness to the urban soundscape and that reflect critically on how cities are growing and being planned around the globe. DEADLINE; 31 March: Audio Works Submission SYMPOSIUM REGISTRATION opens on APRIL 28th - [very reasonable rates! - ed.]

Visit Viseu ...

Invisible Places is not going to be all about talks. Performances, sound installations, masterclasses and other parallel activities will transform the picturesque city of Viseu, northern Portugal, in a sonic realm where everyone will be invited to hear and think about what is heard.  Francisco Lopez is one confirmed presence for a unique sonic immersive experience in the dark and an artist talk in the clarity of the following day.  Full program will be announced soon. See also Invisible Places Sounding Cities on Facebook