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31 Jan 2013

PIARS International Sonic Arts Award

The PIARS - International Sonic Arts Award is aimed at the production and promotion of sonic arts at an international level.  The PIARS Award includes an exhibition and cash prizes of € 500 in each category.

The PIARS Award includes an exhibition and the awarding of prizes in cash.
The winner of each category will receive a prize of €500 [euro].
An additional award is made available by the label FRATTO9 records; it will choose an artist among all participants to release a cd on its label. The communication of the winners is scheduled for May 2013

The award is divided into four categories: 
Sound Art / Experimental Music / Acousmatic / Soundscapes

The jury selected by the organization includes artists of international standing.
Sound Art: Max Eastley, Robin Rimbaud, Taylor Deupree
Experimental Music: David Toop, Gunter Muller, Rhodri Davies
Acousmatic: Lionel Marchetti, Christian Calon, Elio Martusciello
Soundscapes: Peter Cusack, Justin Bennett, Olivia Block

The prize encourages the participation of artists of all levels, with the only limit of 18 y/o but without limitation of qualification neither of the curriculum.
Submission fee is 
€25 for the first work and €15 for the second.
Submission fee is €15 for the artists under 35 y/o for each work.
You can only enter one work for category.

31st January 2013