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03 Sep 2012

PhotoContest | Austria | Nora Schopfer | 6 Photos

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...neither different nor separated – sound of presence
Nora Schöpfer

In the series, called ...neither different nor separated – sound of presence as a part of the work called `gaps between seconds` I try to meet a social and philosophical point of view, which leads to the realization of social affinity through the insight that we are not as different and separated to each other as we often suppose to be.

The pictures I have chosen for this submission are showing the similarity of the taste when people come together, like a different melody on the horizon in their landscapes.

Visual ‘investigations’ of timelessness presence and a view of universal interconnection are the themes, in the series `gaps` where a relation is being established between splits of moments, in my work called `gaps between seconds`, the nonexistence of solidness, called ...neither solid nor constant..., the flow from each material into the other, which I have called:...neither different nor separated... and the transition between them as well as an interrelation and even interdependence between now and eternity and `nonduality` as well.

The shift of reality into an intensive moment of `unknown now` is planned through assembling of different time and space layers with different  techniques of compositing photography which is related to a process of painting.

In `gaps`, by combining perspectives from different time and space systems and thus superimposing perceptions on each other, I attempt to open up rooms for being present.

Preferred scenes are locations where people are gathering in groups like public squares, places of art exhibitions and famous cultural places where perception already can lead directly into an indescribable state of timelessness.

The disappearance of a popular identity faces a brilliant quality of the now and shows a contemplative experience, which is beyond any identification and valuation.


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