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27 Sep 2018 - 24 Feb 2019

Paris | Java Art Energy exhibition


The exhibition JAVA - Art Energy  is the first large scale collective exhibition devoted to contemporary Indonesian art in Paris. It runs at the Institut des cultures d'Islam (ICI) in Paris until 24 February 2019. With works by Yovista AHTAJIDA, MARYANTO, Muhammad Zico ALBAIQUNI, Eko NUGROHO, GUDXSKUL (RUANGRUPA+ SERRUM + GRAFIS HURU HARA), Agung «Agugn» PRABOWO, Saleh HUSEIN, Adhya RANADIREKSA, Soni IRAWAN, Eddy SUSANTO, Mella JAARSMA, Muhammad UCUP YUSUF, Maharani MANCANAGARA.

27.09.18 > 24.02.19

The exhibition JAVA - Art Energy delves into the creative vitality of the island of Java, artistic center of the archipelago. With works mostly never shown before in Europe, the artists gathered by the ICI look at the disappearance of biodiversity, the link between nature and spirituality, the rise of radical Islam and the weight of Dutch colonialism. They express the complexity, the paradoxes and the vibrations of this island with multiple influences.

Many events punctuate the exhibition and give a glimpse of this cultural profusion. The performing arts mix shadow theater, storytelling, electro music, traditional dances and Indonesian martial art. For young audiences, the ICI offers workshops of artistic practice ranging from the creation of Javanese puppets to an introduction to gamelan, and the making of batik. As for the meetings, films and debates programmes, these shed light on the social and political organization of this Muslim country that recognizes six official religions and faces the development of Islamist movements.

The entire ICI team would like to thank the partners and members of this new cultural season. With their support, JAVA - Art Energy is the first collective exhibition of this scale dedicated to contemporary Indonesian art in Paris.