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05 Apr 2011 - 16 Apr 2011

Oldenburg | Internationale Tanztage Dance Festival

[caption id="attachment_8257" align="alignright" width="432" caption="Skånes Dansteater (Sweden) | Photo: Peo Olsson"][/caption] The 10.Internationale Tanztage celebrates its 10th jubilee in Oldenburg, Germany with a broad and exciting contemporary dance festival programme focussing on diversity, co-operation, accessibility, identity. Diversity is the subject of the opening performance of the 2011 Tanztage, the fascinating Babel (words) by star-choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui; co-operation is the keyword for the shared RepNet platform to which Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg has invited its outstanding partner companies from Iceland, Scotland, Sweden and Norway; the public’s accessibility to dance is the primary focus for the Tanz ganz nah program, with three remarkable projects directed by various choreographers from France; and last but not least, the issue of identity links the presentation of performances from India, South Korea and Cuba - these rarely seen guest performances exemplify the thrilling cohesion of traditional and contemporary dance forms. With: Eastman/Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie, Gauthier Dance, Skånes Dansteater, Scottish Dance Theatre, Iceland Dance Company, Carte Blanche, Nederlands Dans Theater II, Sol Picó Cia. de Dansa, Aditi Mangaldas, Modern Table/Kim Jae-Duk Project, Danzabierta, K. Kvarnström & Co./Helsinki Dance Company, Caroline Simon, Liquid Loft/Chris Haring, Cie. Yvann Alexandre, Nordwest/Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg, Vanilton Lakka, Ann van den Broek, Cie. Sylvain Groud and Joanne Leighton Presenter: Oldenburgisches Staatstheater; General Director: Markus Müller, Festival Director: Honne Dohrmann, You can DOWNLOAD the pdf festival programme in German here: