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13 Apr 2020

NEMO survey results | Impact of Covid-19 on museums in Europe

The impacts of the corona crisis have been severe on museums all over Europe. In the past weeks, NEMO-the Network of European Museums Organisations has carried out a survey to look at how the situation has impacted museum budgets and operations, how museums cope in these times, how they re-organise their structures and offer new services to their audiences.

Over 650 museums from 41 countries have so far responded to the survey. A first analysis of the survey is published, including data on weekly budget losses, strategies to copy with the situation internally and an overview of ow museums increase their digital presence.

Along with the survey, NEMO has prepared on overview of encouraging, pro-active and inspiring initiatives of museums globally during the corona situation.

NEMO urges governments at all levels to invest in Europe’s museums now and in the future, to mitigate the losses and to support what binds us together, while so many other things drive us apart.

Museums are still welcome to contribute to the the survey (until 17 April) since NEMO wants to continue to monitor the situation and compare results collected during a longer time period. As more information is gathered, more detailed data will be released.