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03 Jul 2014

Minister explains cultural plan for Vietnam

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At the end of April, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in Vietnam issued a draft cultural plan to develop performing arts in the country with view towards 2030. Deputy Minister Vuong Duy Bien answers questions from on the controversial cultural plan.

The cost of this plan has been criticised as being illusory by many people. How was this figure arrived at?

In 2008, the Politburo issued Resolution 23, which aimed to develop the arts and culture. We were assigned five projects including building new theatres and renovating old cinemas and museums. Last year, the Prime Minister approved of the project. According to the plan, 21 theatres will be built and 20 will be renovated. Also, 106 cinemas and 102 museums are in need of renovation. Moreover, we have to provide equipment to mobile cinemas and private museums. The total capital is VND10.8 trillion, of which VND6.5 trillion will be allocated from state budget.

Does this mean that VND10.8 trillion would be equally spent on the visual and performing arts?

Yes, and the money will be gradually disbursed until 2020 in 63 cities and provinces. Investment for arts and culture isn't expensive when the returns are considered. Many people think that VND10.8 trillion will be given to us just to build theatres. This is a misunderstanding. The money will be given to local authorities.

Can you explain why nearly VND7 trillion is needed to build and renovate 71 theatres?

You are referring to the first draft plan, which has been revised in order to meet the Prime Minister's directive and our country's situation.

Aside from the huge budget, many people are also concerned over decision to build thousands-seats theatres in disadvantaged areas. What is your opinion about this?

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