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19 Sep 2011 - 23 Sep 2011

Lisbon | ICOM-CC Triennial Conference on Cultural Heritage

[caption id="attachment_12031" align="alignright" width="282" caption="Pentecost, predella of St. Margaret, head detail 16th Century (1530-1535) ©IMC/MC "][/caption] The ICOM-CC Triennial 16th Conference takes place in Lisbon in September 19 to 23, 2011 on the theme of Cultural Heritage/Cultural Identity – The Role of Conservation. The conference theme aims to capture the recognition by communities or nations of the importance of affirming their cultural heritage in this era of globalisation, as they evolve through contact and exchange with other cultures. Considering this trend, the conference will explore and compare different approaches regarding conservation policies and methods, as well as scientific methods for studying materials and technologies, in order to improve our understanding of the role of conservation in valuing heritage and its relationship to other areas such as sociology, economy, and politics, which are vital in ensuring the sustainability of communities. The ICOM-CC Triennial Conference in Lisbon will be an opportunity to share methods, studies and strategies to value individual cultural identities through heritage conservation by addressing topics such as:
  • The relationships between cultural heritage and cultural identity
  • National and international conservation policies
  • The importance of interdisciplinarity in the preservation of cultural heritage
  • The development of research and education in heritage conservation
  • Standards, practices, and methodologies for heritage conservation.
Registration is open - all other details on website.