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15 Mar 2015 - 22 Mar 2015

Jakarta | ASEAN Literary Festival

poster ALF-1 The 2nd ASEAN Literary Festival is in Jakarta 15-22 March, on the theme "Questions of Conscience". The programme includes workshops, film screenings, a literary trip, performances, sessions on children's literature, publishing and more, with writers and speakers from the 10 ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries. Building on the huge success of the first ASEAN Literary Festival in 2014 when it adopted the theme of democracy and human rights under the banner of “Anthems for the Common People”, the 2nd ASEAN Literary Festival in 2015 will take on how ASEAN’s literary works and its authors respond and adapt to the current global system, and deliver questions faced by themselves and their societies, with a tagline of “Questions of Conscience.” The ASEAN Literary Festival is the first event to gather writers from ASEAN countries in one literary event in which they will share ideas on how writers can contribute to the enhancement of society. The festival presents ASEAN’s poets, novelists, playwriters, critics, academics, scholars and artists to perform and discuss the role of literature to help the member countries fostering a just society, as well as boosting human rights, freedom of expression and democratization. The 10 countries grouped into the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are the heirs of a common Southeast Asian cultural legacy enriched by the influences of the great civilizations of India, China and the Middle East.