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21 Dec 2010 - 22 Dec 2010

International Conference on Asian Cultural Industries

The Culture: Industries and Diversity in Asia (CIDASIA) research programme of Centre for the Study of Culture and Society (CSCS) is organizing the International Conference on Asian Culture Industries on 21st and 22nd December 2010 in Bangalore. International Conference on Asian Culture Industries: A Comparative Study of India, Japan and South Korea, Bangalore, December 21-22, 2010. The event is a part of the larger attempt by CSCS to encourage the study of cultural and intellectual flows between Asian countries. The conference is being supported by The Japan Foundation, New DelhiĀ and InKo Centre, Chennai. The conference will focus on the post-1990 period when for different reasons including underground circulation of cultural commodities in international markets, systematic efforts began to be made in these countries to export entertainment. The circulation of cultural commodities in contexts other than those of their production draws attention to the hitherto under-researched area, namely the increased interface between culture and economics. In a global context where cultural production and consumption are engines of the economy, the manner in which cultural commodities flow, the resistances they encounter, the ways in which they are localized, transformed, and engender new cultural practices and have social and economic consequence that are completely unanticipated by the production centre are issues the conference will address. The conference will bring together senior scholars as well as younger researchers from across Asia, Europe and USA to discuss: Recent developments in cinema, television, pop music, animation and gaming in the Asia region; History of entertainment industries and government policy in Asia in general and India, South Korea and Japan in particular.