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19 Jul 2010 - 24 Jul 2010

Indonesia: Expert meeting at new-media festival

The Asia Europe Foundation (ASEF) and Stephen Kovats from transmediale, festival for art and digital culture, Berlin supported an Expert Meeting for New Media, Civil Society and Environmental Sustainability involving artists, designers, philosophers, and media practitioners from Asia and Europe at the Nu-Substance Festival 2010 in Bandung Indonesia from the 19th of July -24th of July 2010. Amongst others, experts included:- - Stephen Kovats (Artistic Director, transmediale festival, Germany) - Victoria Sinclair (Director, ArcSpace Manchester/ Bricolabs, UK) - Venzha Christawan (Founder of the House of Natural Fibre (HONF), laboratory of New Media, Indonesia) - Atteqa Thaver Malik (Member, Mauj Media Collective, Pakistan) - Arthit Suriyawongkul (member, Thai Netizen Network/ Creative Commons, Thailand) - Chaterine Candano (New Media Researcher, Singapore/Philippines) - Gustaff Harimann Iskandar (Founder Common room Networks Foundation, Indonesia) Nu-Substance Festival was first held in 2007 and was initiated by Common Room Networks Foundation (Common Room) in collaboration with FFWD Records and new-media art community in Bandung, which later came to be known as OpenLabs. In the beginning, this festival intended to support the development of electronic arts and media culture in the local context through a series of programs that consisted of exhibitions, discussions, workshops and electronic music concerts. In 2009, Nu-Substance Festival began to take focus on developing the principles of openness in the field of cultural diversity, use of technology, and critical reflection on the ecological conditions in urban space. The latest Nu-Substance Festival 2010 was organized under the title Floating Horizon and carried on its aim to encourage utilization of media technology for critical reflection on contemporary culture and urban ecology and developing new media to empower civil society and a sustainable environment. Nu-Substance Festival 2010: Floating Horizon also included exhibitions, discussions, workshops, screenings, music concerts and other programs that involved the public in general.