07 Jul 2017

India Memory Project | Directory of Archives

The India Memory Project publishes an excellent Directory of Archives. This is organised by country, according to the geographical area of interest, with all archives relating to South Asian history. There are sections for India, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Germany and more. Directory of Archives is an update-able comprehensive list of Archives & Collections that reference, include South Asian history.

Indian Memory Project is an online, curated, visual and narrative based archive that traces a history of the Indian Subcontinent, via photographs and letters found in personal archives. Contextualised with narratives, the photographs & letters (contributed by people all over the world) reveal a powerful and historical palimpsest of a largely undocumented society and sub-continent.

With personal images serving as evidence, each post on the archive reveals valuable information about people, families & ancestors, cultures, lifestyles, traditions, choices, circumstances and thereby consequences. Indian Memory Project is a personal memory of the world – a sociological and photographic history, remembered, realised and experienced by its own people.

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Image: Calendar page for Lux Toilet soap featuring actress Meena Kumari, 1954.
Priya Paul Collection, New Delhi.  F
rom archive Tasveer Ghar - a trans-national virtual “home” for collecting, digitizing, and documenting various materials produced by South Asia’s exciting popular visual sphere including posters, calendar art, pilgrimage maps and paraphernalia, cinema hoardings, advertisements, and other forms of street and bazaar art.

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