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13 Nov 2014

ICOM publishes a collection of good practices in museum education

MQB. Les globe-trotters en terre d'Arnhem : peindre le rêve. 12 janvier 2011. In 2011, the Committee for Education and Cultural Action (CECA) of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) launched a programme aimed at collecting and analysing good practices in museum education. Since then, the CECA Best Practice Award is launched annually and a compilation of good practices is published and made available online each year. Entitled Best Practice 3: A tool to improve museum education internationally, the latest volume in the series is edited by Emma Nardi and Cinzia Angelini and has been published recently. The collection presents over 20 examples of museum education initiatives targeting children, students, young people and adults. A range of relevant topics in museum management, including 'travelling museums', multiculturality, special audiences and the uses of technology are also addressed. Projects featured in the collection come primarily from Europe and the Americas. Among them is Ateliers nomades, a project by France's Quai Branly Museum, an ASEMUS member. In the book introduction, promoters of the initiative regret the absence of contributions from Asia and Africa and hope this can be addressed in the next edition. The book is available for download at   Picture: Ateliers nomades, Quai Branly Museum, Paris