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30 Nov 2013 - 08 Dec 2013

Hanoi New Music Festival



The Hanoi New Music Festival is the first ever experimental music festival to be held in Vietnam. From November 30th to December 8th 2013, the festival is a focal point for both emerging and established local and international experimental musicians. The aim of the Hanoi New Music Festival is to present outstanding international productions as well as new commissioned compositions by Vietnamese composers. The festival will reflect recent artistic, social and technical developments in the music culture and will create a new adventurous vision for the music scene in Vietnam. Composer Kim Ngoc, the initiator, gathers around 50 musicians from 8 different countries including Vietnam, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Italy, Germany, Norway and France. With the theme 'The Blind Spot', the Festival aims not only to change the 'invisibility' of contemporary music in the local scene, filling the gaps in knowledge, but also to generate synergetic effects to strengthen musical infrastructures between Vietnam and the worldwide contemporary music scene. Joint projects are therefore also a means of identifying the blind spots in one's own perception and viewpoints. The Hanoi New Music Festival aspires to be a catalyst to kick-start conversations and collaborations among local and international practitioners of music and other art forms; a playground for various types of artistic expression to gather and interact; and a transitional meeting point to further encourage musical and artistic exchanges. The Hanoi New Music Festival 2013 will take place at DomDom, the Hub for Experimental Music & Art, and in theatres and public spaces around the city, depending on the requirements and nature of each performance. Image: Blind Spot