18 Apr 2017

Global Grand Central

Global Grand Central is a meeting place for organizations and individuals working to make the world a better place through inclusion, curiosity and empowerment.  It is an online platform sharing project information and stories on international activities involving crossing borders from around the world, through a project co-financed by the European Union.

Global Grand Central attempts to create an international standard for project sharing and learning.

Its hubs share methods and experiences, successes, failures, and lessons from activities based on inclusion, empowerment, and storytelling. We learn across local contexts on a global level, seeking to understand how diverse humans can become curious rather than suspicious of each other.

Individuals and organisations can join Global Grand Central and sign up as a hub to share info.

The platform is a proof of concept, currently hosted by the independent culture centre Not Quite in Fengersfors, Sweden on a grant from the European Union.

We provide an evolving platform to ease, connect and socialize sharing, reporting and mutual learning.

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