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02 Dec 2012 - 05 Dec 2012

Future Culture: [ln]tangible Heritage | Design | Cross Media

The symposium NODEM 2012 HONG KONG will bring together leading theorists, practitioners and artists in conversation about the future of digital heritage, creative practices, design and emerging technologies. Pioneers from diverse countries and cross-disciplinary fields will focus on a range of issues covering new forms of heritage interpretation and the future of new media at the forefront of museum design. Emphasis will be placed cutting edge research and practice from around the world, with a focus on tangible and intangible heritage in Asian contexts. The symposium is intended for museums practitioners throughout Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, for researchers interested in forms of cultural mediation, students of cultural heritage and designers of new media. The three-day programme will be accompanied by day-long strategic workshops including Digital Intangible Heritage of Asia and the inaugural Museums and the Web Asia. Key research cluster networking and mentoring for students and curricula development sessions by academics and practitioners will focus on teaching, learning and research. NODEM 2012 HONG  KONG  is hosted by the  Advanced Institute  for  Cross-Disciplinary Studies, City University of  Hong  Kong, in collaboration  with  CityU’s  School of Creative Media  and ALiVE (Applied Laboratory for Interactive Visualization and Embodiment) supported by College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. Events will be held at the state of the art immersive exhibition spaces at ALiVE and the seminal Pure Land exhibition at Gallery 360. Primary symposium activities will be held at the landmark Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre and Gallery 360. FUTURE CULTURE is part of the NODEM (Nordic Digital Excellence in Museums) conference series under the stewardship of the Interactive Institute of Sweden. NODEM was established in 2003 by the research studio Vision for Museums at the Interactive Institute and supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers. In five conferences (2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010), it has connected stakeholders from academia, museum practitioners, and SMEs into a community of about 500 active members. Register (free of charge)  Source: NODEM