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07 Nov 2011

Europe - Asia | Finnair - Helsinki Airport Quality Hunter project


Finnair and Helsinki Airport have selected seven 'Quality Hunters' from a worldwide call to travel between Europe and Asia and report online. Still time to join this exciting project - the search is on for an 8th Quality Hunter.

The Quality Hunters were appointed from over 2000 applicants and come from Finland, Germany, Japan, India, France, Denmark and Israel. Each has a designated 'quality' category to investigate.  The Quality Hunter site is intended to be participatory and interactive with scope to engage online, via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

Their journeys take place over two months. Due to the high number of good quality applicants this year, space has been made for an 8th Quality Hunter who will join the project in its last week for one week of Europe-Asia travel.

There is no direct application process. The organisers say:
We are looking for an 8th Quality Hunter who will be chosen by the current Quality Hunters for a one week adventure. The job goes to the person who helps our Quality Hunters find the best ideas, info, content and tips while getting the most love and reaction from the QH community. Act now!

See website for all details.

The Quality Hunter programme was initiated in 2010 and has expanded this year. The collaboration between Helsinki Airport and Finnair reflects their shared goal of promoting the airport as a central hub for travellers between Europe and Asia, with short flying times and a large choice of destinations.

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