12 Nov 2013 - 17 Nov 2013

Enter cut.crap at Aarhus Fest | Denmark

aarhusEnter a [cut] film art that alters perspectives, questions established norms and gives you a break to wonder and laugh, and to get away from the constant daily overdose of crappy ­images and non-news! AARHUS FILMFESTIVAL, an international film festival presenting short and documentary films to audiences in Aarhus and the region of Jutland, Denmark will be held from 12th to 17th November, 2013. With the theme cut.crap AARHUS FILMFESTIVAL presents a selection of funny, touching, disturbing and thoughtful artistic experiences for Danish audience. From a date with the German chancellor and Travolta a la scratch in the SHORT FILM program to the melancholia of poverty and prosperous weltschmerz in the DOCUMENTARY program you will be both engaged and challenged. Other programs in the festival are GO WEST, ART & FOCUS, INTERACTIVE & TRANSMEDIA. The festival values stories that are told with cinematic insights and worldly out-sights can enlighten, inform and entertain, challenge our world-views and conceptions of the ’truth’ as well as spark activism and social change. AARHUS wants to use the power and uniqueness of film as a vehicle for insights and out-sights from contemporary society and – together with the audience – create small pockets of reflection and immersion into the back-sides and wonders of the world. Click here for the 2013 Films at cut.crap

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