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25 May 2016

Eight women evolving the Indian art world


Artsy international online magazine profiles eight women in India who are evolving the contemporary art world. In an Editorial, Himali Singh Soin says "There are numerous women here that are invigorating the country’s art scene, believing in its inherent ability to shake things up, alter preconceived notions, redefine, and reimagine—much like the shifting status of women in the country.

Though the country has had a female president, and several regions contain matriarchal societies, most industries—including science, tech, cinema, architecture, politics, and tourism—are still dominated by men. The art worlds of Delhi and Mumbai might represent the only field led by more women than men, and those women occupy myriad roles.

The contemporary art scene in India is a complex web of socio-economic cues and, often, conflicts of interest. It is also close-knit and, in many ways, a bastion of equality. It is a world that both looks towards the West for its sharp finish, and looks inward for its subject matter and materials."

Eight women selected by Artsy:

  • Feroze Gujral: Founder of Outset India and Gujral Foundation, New Delhi

RECENT CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “My East Is Your West,” India-Pakistan Pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale

  • Kiran Nadar: Chairperson of Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, New Delhi

RECENT CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “Nalini Malani: You Can’t Keep Acid in a Paper Bag

  • Gitanjali Dang: Founder of Khanabadosh, Mumbai

RECENT CAREER HIGHLIGHT: The Porcupine in the Room

  • Bharti Kher: Artist, Delhi

RECENT CAREER HIGHLIGHT: Misdemeanours,” Rockbund Art Museum, Shanghai, China

  • Sree Banerjee Goswami: Founder of Project 88, Mumbai

RECENT CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “Neha Choksi: Save the translation for later

  • Pooja Sood: Founding Director, Khoj International Artists’ Association, New Delhi


  • Bhavna Kakar: founder of TAKE on Art Magazine, New Delhi

RECENT CAREER HIGHLIGHT: The “Photography” issue

  • Aparajita Jain: Co-Director of Nature Morte, New Delhi

RECENT CAREER HIGHLIGHT: “Reena Saini Kallat: Porous Passages

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Top image: Khanabadosh (Bombay)