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28 Sep 2015

ECSITE Annual Conference 2016: Call for Proposals & Concessions Available

ECSITE Annual Conference 2016 The 2016 Annual Conference of ECSITE, the European network of science centres and museums, will be held in Graz, Austria, on 9-11 June 2016. This edition's theme is 'Colours of Cooperation' and will invite participants to look at the diversity and nuances of cooperation and at the colouring they show when seen through various filters. With whom do we cooperate, how do we choose these partners, why do we cooperate and what do we invest and gain? In this context, organisers have launched a call for proposals, aimed at identifying innovative session ideas. As a result, the majority of the conference’s unique programme will come from practitioners sharing and discussing experiences, research, trends and visions. The call for session proposals is open to all, and a rich variety of formats is encouraged, from plenary talks to highly interactive workshops. Would-be presenters are invited to team up with colleagues from around the globe, read ECSITE's guidance on the conference theme and on guidance for submitting successful proposals, and use an online forum to discuss potential topics and formats, and find speakers and convenors. Furthermore, in order to encourage the involvement of new perspectives, fresh ideas, different horizons and 'new faces', the ECSITE Annual Conference 2016 is offering 15 free one-day registrations to speakers who can convince the Annual Conference Programme Committee (ACPC) that they will contribute novel topics, angles or session formats. Session proposals need to be submitted by 15 October 2015. Applications for the 15 free one-day registration can be sent until 22 October, insofar as a session proposal has been submitted by the previous deadline. For additional information about the call for proposals and free registration possibilities, please visit