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08 Apr 2017 - 16 Jul 2017

documenta 14 in Athens


On April 8, documenta 14 opens its exhibition in Athens. Extending over the city in more than 40 different public institutions, squares, cinemas, university locations, and libraries, over 160 international artists will show works newly conceived for documenta 14.

The Inauguration Week Program is here

On April 8-9, artist Nikhil Chopra from India will be Drawing a Line through Landscape in Athens

Check out the institutional partners and venues in Athens here

documenta 14 is founded on several important institutional partnerships in Athens and Kassel. Each of these individual relationships with institutions—and the people who make them work—results in specific programming, research, and collaborative projects. Working together with partner institutions, documenta 14 points to a public sphere that is non-exclusionary and defined by encounters and possibilities—a public sphere in space and time. Four years in the making, documenta 14 has gradually established a presence in Athens— and it now becomes visible, audible, and otherwise palpable through the multitude of voices that sustain the continuum of the exhibition during its one hundred days. Spaces and places of documenta 14 in Athens include museums, cinemas, theaters, libraries, archives, schools, television, radio, university auditoriums, public squares, streets, clubs, shops, parks and paths, and residential buildings—in short, all that comprises the great city in its density, richness, and strange beauty.

documenta 14 takes place in Kassel: June 10–September 17, 2017

At documenta 14 Kassel - a call for papers is open till May 5. The Rose Valland Institute is an art project initiated by Maria Eichhorn within the context of documenta 14. The Institute is going public for the first time with a call for papers focusing on the topic of Orphaned Property in Europe.

The Rose Valland Institute is an independent interdisciplinary project. It researches and documents the expropriation of Europe’s Jewish population as well as its past and continuing impact. The Institute was named after the art historian Rose Valland, who secretly recorded details of the Nazi plundering of state-owned French and private Jewish-owned art from France during the German occupation of Paris. After the war, she worked for the Commission de Récupération Artistique (Commission for the Recovery of Works of Art) and made major contributions to the restitution of art stolen by the Nazis.

Image: Stathis Mamalakis at Syntagma Square, Athens