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01 Jun 2013 - 27 Jun 2013

Displacements | exhibition

Displacements is an artistic intervention about change. Set in a 77 year-old family home which will soon make way for urban renewal, 15 Asian and European artists tackle the theme of change, memory, and how this defines our future. To create a dialogue, 15 artists, curators, writers and creative professionals were invited to chime in with their own work. No. 13 Wilkie Terrace, located in the heart of Singapore, will be transformed into an interactive communal space, where the community is welcome to come share stories about Singapore's past and future aspirations. It will give an opportunity to look at local histories through the eyes of a house and its inhabitants. Participating artists: Boedi Widjaja (b. 1975, Surakarta) Calvin Pang (b. Singapore) Daniela Beltrani (b. 1968, Rome) Elizabeth Lim (b. 1992, Singapore) Kanchana Gupta (b. 1974, India) Karen Mitchell (b. 1974, Singapore) Alex Mitchell (b. 1970, England) Kenneth Lee (b. 1987, Singapore) Li Cassidy-Peet (of dual Russian and Montenegrin origin) Matthew Johnson (from Manchester, United Kingdom) Marcel Heijnen (from Netherlands) Mark Wong (b. 1982, Singapore) Michelle Lim (b. 1983, Malaysia) Nicola Anthony (b. 1984, London) Sore Niewelt (b. 1981, Germany) Jessica Larbig (b. 1983, Germany) Yen Phang (b. Singapore)