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26 Apr 2011 - 29 Apr 2011

DANCE XCHANGE | The Philippine International Dance Festival

[caption id="attachment_8672" align="alignright" width="351" caption="Dance Xchange 2010"][/caption] Announcing the 3rd Philippine International Dance Festival, Dance Xchange 2011, to be held in Manila at the end of April, to celebrate International Dance Day. In the hopes of creating conditions for dialogue and cooperation within the world dance community, the National Committee on Dance of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) will again be spearheading the International Dance Day celebration held all over the world by the International Theater Institute (ITI). The International Dance Day is created under the auspices of UNESCO in Paris, and the Philippine observance of this celebration is slated to take place at the  Manila Hotel on  April 27 - 29, 2011 organized by the NCCA-National Committee on Dance. The National Committee on Dance under the innovative  and active leadership of  Ms. Shirley Halili-Cruz has decided to hold the Dance Xchange 2011: The Philippine International Dance Festival with the theme “Cultural Connectivity through Dance”,  following the highly successful 2009 and 2010 Dance Xchange.  This international festival is in accordance with Presidential Proclamation No. 154, declaring the last week of April as the “National Dance Week”  and  considered as one of the banner projects of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. The Dance Xchange aims to:  1) provide venue for interaction and facilitate learning among dancers, directors, dance teachers, choreographers, Physical Education teachers and dance scholars, 2) establish an international event which will become an cultural destination for foreign artists; 3) provide new ideas and inspiration that will stimulate the creativity of  the dance educators, directors and choreographers, 3) showcase different dance forms by foreign and local dancers; 4) facilitate cultural exchange and understanding,  and 5)  strengthen network among dance organizations and dance directors. The Dance Xchange will have activities such as dance competition, artists forum, masters classes, dance workshops  and festival of performances. The Dance Xchange promised to be a bigger international event in the Philippines. A bigger network of international dance companies and top Philippine dance companies will be invited to participate in the said event. The Dance Xchange is an opportunity of exposure for local dance groups to different international dance artists and groups in the hope of mutually enriching the each others’ experiences. It has been the intention of this event to provide dynamic activities for the dance community in the Philippines and establish an international dance festival that can be a destination for foreign dance companies. ——————————————————————————– This opportunity came via IFACCA (Thanks!) ——————————————————————————-