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24 Nov 2020

culture360 Media Partner of Tangible Utopias

culture360 is delighted to be the Media Partner of Tangible Utopias, a groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) experience. How do you imagine your future city? This question was asked to children worldwide. Their visions inspired this franchise that immerses the viewer as a first-person into an Odyssey of potential future city scenarios.

The project is a continuation of the transmedia universe entitled Government of Children –  a civic imagination-driven transmedia world (3D film, VR, web) that encourages children from all over the world to see themselves as leaders and to design their societal future.  

Tangible Utopias has gathered hundreds of visions from children that will selectively serve as a script for the current VR universe. Tangible Utopias aims to design alternative multi-layered futuristic societies.  

See the trailer here:

Tangible Utopias VR (Urban Futurism) - Trailer from Ioana Mischie on Vimeo.

For more information on the upcoming events follow the project on: