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12 Oct 2016

Creative Europe showcases results in Brussels


A CREATIVE EUROPE SHOWCASE CONFERENCE - CULTURE IN THE SPOTLIGHT is being held in Brussels. After nearly three years of implementation, the Creative Europe programme delivers its first substantial results. On 27 October, project coordinators and people benefitting directly from the projects, artists and creators as well as policy makers will gather to exchange their first experiences with Creative Europe.


What have they learnt, what were the main achievements and what challenges they had to face, what impact can the participation in a Creative Europe project have on artist's careers, how artists and creators got involved in projects and why - these and many other questions will be in the spotlight in Brussels in October.

The discussion will take place against the background of real outcomes of Creative Europe projects. We have conceived the conference as an illustration of how policy priorities get concrete and tangible through creation, transnational partnerships and people on the ground.

Themes of the programme such as capacity building, audience development, intercultural dialogue and social inclusion will be explored through projects, their experiences and results.

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Image: Baltic Light Chain event in Riga