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20 Apr 2015

Connecting Spaces Hong Kong - Zurich



Connecting Spaces Hong Kong – Zurich is a transdisciplinary and transcultural project, an initiative by Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). Its two principal objectives are to explore perspectives and opportunities for cooperation between Hong Kong and Zurich and to consider the future of arts universities in the globalized twenty-first century.

Connecting Spaces rests firmly on the principle of cooperation. It aims to stimulate mutual exchange between Hong Kong and Zurich on the level of concrete cultural practices. It runs for three years (2014-2016), with a view to creating robust structures for a future Study Centre in Hong Kong. Connecting Spaces is a hub and an exploratory platform for collaborative projects between Zurich University of the Arts and various institutions in Hong Kong.

At ZHdK, Connecting Spaces involves staff and students and investigates various teaching, production, and research formats. In Hong Kong, the project addresses actors from different  educational and cultural institutions. Connecting Spaces is aimed at stable cooperation and at firmly established curricular elements with distinct thematic focuses.

Connecting Spaces is an exploratory try-out project that brings together and fosters:

  • Communication and exchange between local and global creative perspectives;

  • Collaborative projects and transdisciplinary approaches;

  • Interconnecting physical spaces to create a positive atmosphere for discourse, research, and creative production.

Check out the website for events happening in Zurich and Hong Kong through the project.

Image: INTENCITYInternational Design Workshop held jointly in Hong Kong and Zurich in March. Students were linked directly through a virtual communication channel.