13 Sep 2012

China's New Generation | 30 Rising Power Players in the Eastern Art Scene

ARTINFO China assembles '30 in their 30s' - presenting a collection of the rising young movers and shakers in the Chinese art world.

As Mainland China and Hong Kong increasingly become global art centers, the art world has become more and more youthful as well. It’s not just that there are more stand-out young artists, either; there are more and more young people investing time and effort in organizing exhibitions, doing research, and writing — those all-important tasks that are required to turn a community of artists into a global art hub.

Based on our own observations of the burgeoning Chinese art world, ARTINFO China has assembled a power list of the new figures who are shaking up the scene. We've gathered 30 art professionals, local and foreign alike, who have been active in the field of Chinese contemporary art in recent years. Though all of these art-world dynamos are under the age of 40, they have already made a huge impact on the industry. A few are also artists; for the purposes of our list, however, we looked at their activities outside artmaking. With this list, we pay tribute to their manifold contributions to the Chinese contemporary art world and provide readers with a map to the future of culture.

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