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15 Aug 2012

China Art Research Committee established


Nearly 200 of China's most influential artists gathered in Beijing in July to celebrate the establishment of China Art Research Committee (CARC).

Representatives from the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Civil Affairs and the China Culture Administration Society attended the ceremony.

The delegates exchanged views on the development of art studies and promotion of Chinese culture and art. Since China's reform and opening up, China's art institutions have made great progress. However, the industry still has much room to grow as China's economic and social development progresses.

Developing artwork that is internationally influential as well as spurring international discourse about Chinese art is a burden that falls on China's contemporary artists. In that light, the China Art Research Committee aims to provide support to creative talent throughout the country.

CARC is a nationally-registered nonprofit organization of artists, educators and academics which works independently under the supervision and administration of Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Civil Affairs.


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