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09 Dec 2015

Call for Abstracts: Education Activities beyond the Museum Walls

ICOM CECA Call for Abstracts 2016 In the context of the General Conference of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), which will take place in Milano, Italy, on 3-9 July 2016, ICOM's Committee for Education and Cultural Action (CECA) will also hold its own annual conference. In this context, the Committee has published a call for abstracts under the theme: "Museums and Cultural Landscapes: CECA Activities beyond the Museum Walls". Papers may be presented in two forms: oral contributions or poster papers. Three types of oral presentations are considered: theme-related papers; research papers; or 'market of ideas'. For an abstract to be accepted it must make a substantive contribution to the field of museum education related to the theme of the conference, show coherence between the objectives and the actions undertaken and be written in clear and correct English. The conference languages are English, French and Spanish but participants should nevertheless take into account that there will be no simultaneous interpretations for the CECA programme – only ICOM General Conference activities will be provided with simultaneous interpretations. Therefore all abstracts should be sent in English if possible with a French and/or Spanish translation. CECA has decided to have the accepted abstracts published in English, French, Spanish and Italian. All proposals should be submitted by 3 January 2016. For additional information about the next annual conference of ICOM-CECA and its accompanying call for abstracts, please visit